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Marieke Jaeken is about beauty.

My label springs from an intense desire to create beauty. Beauty inspired in equal parts by nature and art – the possibility to combine natural fabrics and organic shapes into clothes that make the person who wears them feel beautiful and comfortable and at the same time make a statement of joy and openness to the world.

Marieke Jaeken is about creation.

Not just the creation of clothes but the creation of new ways of seeing, new collaborations, new combinations and new possibilities. My search to create what I envision has led me to pursue the finest wools, the best producers and the most accomplished manufacturers. While my label is firmly rooted in the rich traditions of Belgian Design and is fuelled by the creativity of many talented people in Belgium, it has also led me to Italy, Portugal and Romania to find the right materials and people who share my vision and my determination.

Marieke Jaeken is about joy.

I challenge the people I work with to push their boundaries. Working together, we are playful and creative, we find new pathways and new possibilities, we make clothes that say: life is colourful, beautiful and full of joy.